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reporters saw the rebellion of people.5 г., 5 мес. назад Репутация: 0  
Was once a prestigious high school,, as many as 1,600 students, but now struggling, only a handful of students, ningxiang III encountered this "With the teacher, not the student,," the embarrassing situation.
A class,louboutin, 12 students and 7 teachers to teach. Tutor? No! This is embarrassing situation in the Middle ningxiang three liberal arts classes.
One side is the teacher always adhere to the "do not give a student",woolrich outlet online, one side is a serious waste of educational resources, the majority of educational facilities idle. This reporter recently went ningxiang III were investigated.
He Jiguang Xiao Cao Wei Zhihua He intern reporter Aerospace
Rebellion: two high school students in 25 classes
Recently, a self-proclaimed "outsiders who" broke the news to the newspaper, Mr. mysterious: ningxiang three Middle School has two classes school,scarpe hogan, liberal arts classes five people,, science classes more than 20 individuals, it is estimated that only 100 people after school, teacher There are more than 50 people, three ningxiang EDB want to merge with other schools, but the four elite leaders do not agree.
At 9:00 on the 11th, in Ningxiang County, reporters saw the rebellion of people.
"This school does not need winding up the school dismissed,woolrich parka donna, the teacher will always arrange to another school, but want to go to another school principals served as president be difficult." Saw a reporter, writer who is repeatedly told school who knew him, be sure not to reveal his identity.
At noon, the reporter arrived at the town of ningxiang Huangcai III. Because it is lunch time, the gate closed.
Subsequently, the reporter played ningxiang three in a positive three four principals of the phone. Only a positive given the surname Jiang, vice president responded, he sent a text message to reporters: Sorry,,nike pas cher france, we are actually relatively small number of students, but teachers and students are in for a belief and insisted, do not go to disturb them, and so our school Indeed, when again the media has gotten a friend to report, really sorry.
Trees, it is a good place to study
14:00, the reporter to follow a teacher surnamed Xu entered the school, Xu teacher responsible for teaching high school mathematics liberal arts classes.
Tree-lined campus,, breezy,chaussures nike tn pas cher, it is a good place to study. "We've got to sleep at night but also tuck, very comfortable too!" Xu said ningxiang III study environment is good.
Reporter Xu came with the teaching building. In science class classroom building, the 42-seat all-stocked with thick textbooks and materials. In the liberal arts classes classrooms, only 12 students in the class.
The teacher insisted that a student can attend class
In grade three offices, the reporter saw the third year in charge of teaching the teacher left, he also served as science homeroom teacher. Talking about high school seniors fewer problems, left the teacher reluctantly shook his head.
According to the teacher left, the current class of high school students are only 50 people. Full-year school, the estimated total number of students throughout the school more than 200 people.
"Front, liberal arts classes came only two students, we are seven classroom teacher to teach them." Left said the teacher, as a teacher, as long as a student,hogan, they have the responsibility to attend class.
Left teacher said there were more than 900 junior high school graduates in enrollment within the scope of the three, but still not hire people.
"After going to go through one, four, and thirteen in the experiment, Jade Lake and other conditions were better left high school election is our." Said the teacher left.
After the expansion of debt, unused school buildings
It is understood that ningxiang III,nike tn pas cher 2013, formerly known as Hunan Wei Bin private junior high school, the mathematician Mr. Xu Yuli personally created in the fall of 1935. In the 1970s and 1980s, the quality of teaching and ningxiang III can be a moderate provincial key middle schools comparable to the number of students reached the peak of as many as 1,600 people.
"The school should have total assets of tens of millions because of blind expansion, the school is now a liability, most school buildings to be idle." Left teacher told reporters.
Reporters saw, the school has two school buildings,moncler outlet, there are dozens of classrooms. In addition, office building, dormitory.
"This is not only a problem in three, ningxiang have carried out a lot of the high school expansion, many teaching resources idle." Mystery writer who mentioned earlier said.
Sector response
County Board of Education is studying the program
Fewer students,, the enrollment rate is low,nike tn, the school's withdrawal with no withdrawal issues concern not only the students, some teachers are more anxious.
A condition of anonymity said the teacher, class wages in the first half of this year has not sent down, so in the hope that the Third removed. "A few years ago the school was engaged in the construction of a set of tariffs charged tens of thousands of blocks in the teacher, if the school does not do,abercrombie pas cher, in the hope that this part of the money to retire."
Reporters contacted the Secretary for Education Ningxiang Irene Ryder. Irene Ryder said that this year's high ningxiang candidates is the least over the years, high school students is decreasing. Especially now that many students to county schools, causing some high school students lack a source Ningxiang County Board of Education are working on solutions.
Experts Sound
Middle turnaround should be a grass-roots "both hands"
The school has a teacher,, but not the students. Ningxiang III is not alone. Urbanization sweeping today, many rural high schools are facing such embarrassment.
Statistics show that during the "Eleventh Five-Year", Hunan junior high school graduates continued to decline,,hogan, by 2005 of 125.2 million was reduced to 69.2 million in 2009, a reduction of 44.7%.
As Provincial Association of Social Sciences researcher Dr. Tang Jianjun said, "civil servants live in the city, they are more willing to focus resources in the city." Faced with the current plight of the rural high school education authorities need to change their functions, develop long-term education investment plan, the rational allocation of educational resources. Government can improve the treatment of rural high school teachers in students respect, equal treatment for all schools, not the "elite" has become the top student in a special school.
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giuseppe zanotti femme 000 yuan5 г., 3 мес. назад Репутация: 0  
Has three times been admitted to graduate schools identified as "pathological stealing" by the court lenient sentence,giuseppe zanotti femme
Like Cheng Post reporter correspondent Cai Xiaoqi
Recently, Wuxi Lake District Court of theft together Xuemou defendant in the theft of more than 60 colleges and universities from the madness. But based on Xuemou graduated from the prestigious and elite students admitted on three occasions,hogan outlet, the court was carried out spiritual authority Forensic Medicine, showed Xuemou is a "significantly impaired ability to control" people. According to this because of "pathological theft" and who continue to be a lenient sentence trouble.
According to reports, 26-year-old in 1998 when the Xuemou from a prestigious university graduate, stable and bright future. But in the ensuing ten years,woolrich parka, he was found guilty of theft was sentenced to 5 times, detention.
Wuxi last year came from November to May this year,zanotti femme, Xuemou again in a university building,peuterey spaccio, library,giuseppe zanotti homme, cafeteria, laboratories and other places, the use of lock picking, sliding doors and other techniques wantonly stealing 60 times,hogan scarpe, a total stolen 220 yuan, a laptop, 11, 46 mobile phones and other property worth nearly 70,000 yuan,spaccio woolrich bologna, has reached Theft "huge amount" standard.
The case was transferred to the Lake District Court, the judge found that after scoring,chaussures zanotti, as "college Thief" Xuemou, once in 2000 to 2008 between the three admitted to graduate schools.
During the trial, the defendant Xuemou Cheng recognize that he was not committing the crime for financial gain and the resulting removal of stolen goods for his girlfriend of several mobile phones,hogan outlet 2014, music players and other items,nike Air max pas cher, most of them on the rental places,giuseppe zanotti homme, did not sell. When asked why the theft,hogan milano, Xuemou that they have the will to rehabilitate,hogan interactive outlet, but can not control the theft.
To protect the legitimate rights of the accused,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, the judge decided to adjourn immediately and commissioned Wuxi Mental Health Center for Forensic Psychiatry Xuemou a judicial appraisal. The results show: Xuemou Department pathological theft; although on its ability to identify substantive acts of crime exists,Chaussures louboutin Pas Cher, but control was significantly impaired,hogan outlet 2014, it should be classified as criminal responsibility diminished responsibility.
Accordingly, the combined Xuemou recidivist defendant,chaussure nike, after justice can truthfully confessed,air max tn requin, there are other sentencing restitution behavior,woolrich outlet, and ultimately the court sentenced him to prison for theft six years six months and fined 5,000 yuan.
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