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because poor ventilation5 г., 5 мес. назад Репутация: 0  
"This year, almost the majority of which has cherry. To find the best looking most fresh cherries, put in transparent glass,moncler outlet, pour water put some salt after about two minutes you'll see these maggots out drilling from intact skin . "listed in cherry season, which is rumored through microblogging, letters and other ways to spread, some micro-blog users also publish experimental photographs, called cherry bubble will indeed be drilled after saline insects.
Cherry vermin phenomenon common? What cherries would vermin? Cherry vermin can eat it? What should you pay attention to eating cherries? Reporters interviewed experts in related fields.
What insect Cherry born?
[Respond] after the sugar high cherry rip attract fruit flies lay eggs grow into larvae, there is no research to prove harmful
Cherry would give birth to worm? Chengdu Jinpeng Street markets a fruit shop owner told reporters:. "As long as the next two or three games over the rain, and then hit the hot weather, there will be some gap cherry white worms, but there is usually only part of the cherry"
Beijing Forestry Protection Station chief engineer, said Wong, a few days before Beijing appeared rainy weather, some cherry gap phenomenon occurs because cherries contain a lot of sugar and water, susceptible bacteria, rot phenomenon occurs, and thus attract some flies feeding . These are normal.
For Internet rumors of "cherry soaked in salt water out of small white worms",, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu Institute of Biology, Ecology Center Professor Luo Peng told reporters that this is the larva. "Drosophila is a very broad distribution of insects, Drosophila species currently found in at least more than 1000 kinds, cherries,tn pas cher, grapes, watermelon and other fruits with high sugar content,moncler milano, as well as bayberry,, blueberry, strawberry these berry fruits, all OK find such larvae. Cherry if there is such a larva, indicating cherry pest itself, but there is no research to prove this larva harmful. "Luo Peng said.
Executive director of the Entomological Society of China,hogan scrape, Beijing University of Agriculture Plant Protection discipline leader Professor Zhang Zhiyong said, all the world will be different degrees of exposure to the risk of plant pest, which is a basic scientific knowledge. June 12 has just been cherry picking to the suburbs, said Professor Zhang Zhiyong, this time because of more rain in the early, small amounts of moldy and rotten cherry fruit, fruit exudes to attract fruit flies produce, fruit flies produced on a nearby cherry fruit the size of the tip of the egg, usually difficult to find the naked eye, the next day hatch into larvae feeding on fruit drilling intervals for two days, after two molt,air max pas cher, the fourth day it becomes a long 2 mm, the culmination of more than a hundred times the egg larvae. He believes this is a normal phenomenon.
Deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Academy of fruit, cherry cultivation expert said network hearsay "Cherry maggots" this "maggot" and the maggots usually referred to are not the same people, usually people say maggots are saprophytic on human and animal feces, with the risk of infectious diseases. Two fundamentally different,, there is no evidence that insects can cherry born infectious diseases, so do not panic.
Jianyang in Sichuan because of the rich and famous cherry, this county-level city of cherry acreage in early 2013 over 2 acres,piumini moncler, therefore, for "cherry worm," saying that the city's agricultural workers more say. Jianyang, director of the East Town Agricultural Service Center Yuan Yong told reporters that he did nearly 20 years agricultural workers, long-term deal with the flies. In the past, Cherry Tree strong resistance, the larva is rare, but in recent years,, a growing consumer demand for cherries, sugar and more inclined to buy more, taste more sweet cherries,piumini moncler, making it cherry tree varieties are widely nurtured, and a higher degree of sugary cherry easier to attract flies to lay eggs, the larvae also common in the late cherry picking or ripe.
Cherry can eat it,moncler sito ufficiale?
[Respond] on the market also suffered only a few cherry fruit fly pests, toxicity does not exist in itself, remove the worm can eat section
"Cherry from flowering to maturity over two months, the temperature and humidity requirements are high, fruity often attracted flies lay eggs,spaccio moncler, if not closer look, it is hard to find. But as far as I know, the market Only a small part of the cherry fruit fly is affected by pests, insect resistance substantially better varieties of cherry fruit flies will not suffer the disease. "Yuan Yong said.
June 12, correspondent to the Chengdu market picked to buy a couple of pounds of cherries look good experiment, soak up more than 10 minutes in salt water, did not find the white worms appear. Experts told reporters that this is because these cherries no cracks,,moncler piumini, decay, and certainly does not mean rip cherry vermin. Experts believe that this selection also reflects the normal choice for consumers, "no one would deliberately eat rotten cherries, which reduces the possibility of eating insects."
Zhangkai Chun said, in fact, is relatively safe to eat cherries. Cherries from flowering to maturity generally do not spray insecticide is safe fruit. Only after the harvest is completed, in order to protect the leaves began spraying. Against the use of pesticides has been proposed to solve the "cherry maggots" issue, Zhang Kaichun not recommend the use of pesticides.
Zhang Zhiyong also said that fruit flies are very sensitive to pesticides, you can see the cherry fruit fly, the only shows that cherries are safe.
Associate Professor, Department of Entomology, Nanjing Agricultural College also said Cherry vermin is normal, at least that less pesticide residues, some people still prefer to pick snake vegetables, considered more natural, cherry vermin can market, remove the worm section also eat.
Hu Wen,, director of nutrition, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, that, from the nutritional point of view, if there larva cherries, cherry nutrition structure itself is a kind of damage, but this larva itself does not produce toxic effects on humans . "For example, peaches, pears and other fruits there borer, and cherries in the fruit fly larvae, they are based on fruit nutrition for a living, does not exist in itself toxic, but do not attack humans when eating fruits and washed to remove the worm section clean enough. "
Essence Fruit Research Institute, Longquanyi square worship of the said species of Drosophila is a high protein, nutrient-rich insects,, and people usually see different housefly larvae from birth to growth in pollution-free environment, with little bacteria, basically harmless to humans. In winter, the fruit fly eggs overwinter in the soil, so long as farmers spray insecticides on the soil beneath the cherry tree, can kill eggs. Because of this pesticide does not contact cherries, spray it does not affect the fruit safe.
Look at how fruit vermin phenomenon?
[Respond] careless eating experts believe that the body does not cause harm, the current science work to do to avoid spreading panic
Against "cherry maggots" rumors,, Professor Li Zhihong, China Agricultural University pointed out that large citrus food flies event a few years ago, gave up the majority of citrus farmers bring several hundred million dollars in economic losses. Point to eat fruit eat insects, not worth the fuss, usually eat vegetables and fruits, people will inevitably eat into some invisible eggs. Over the years, the agricultural scientists to find ways to protect fruits and vegetables from insect attack, for example, Apple uses bagging technology, the purpose is to avoid the insects lay their eggs on the fruit.
Professor Li Zhihong said, I believe that with the continuous development of science,peuterey uomo, people can eat more fruits and vegetables clean. Currently, the key is to do science work, to avoid panic spread.
Zhang Zhiyong said, consumers accidentally eat these insects, only a momentary psychological disorder, the body will not cause harm, because these insects is just one protein only.
Zhang Zhiyong said that these insects have not caused yield losses can be taken in advance to hang yellow cardboard lure control, do not advocate the use of pesticides to control. Zhang Zhiyong said that the public may be due to understand these scientific knowledge, would some unscientific rumors skeptical. Therefore, we should correct guidance to prevent hype, resulting in unnecessary losses.
Longquanyi head of a cherry picking garden of spring town JIANG Li told reporters, many fruits have worms,outlet moncler, cherries, there are insects normal. "Cherry on the market if there are larvae, indicating suffered pests. So in the morning to buy cherries should try, because just off soon is still relatively fresh, does not produce larvae. In addition, the development speed of Drosophila larvae affected by ambient temperature, So sometimes eat the cherries best chilled. Also recommended not to use plastic bags or plastic boxes to pack cherries, because poor ventilation, preferably with a tray to bloom. "JIANG Li said.
"When people can choose to buy some hard cherry, cherry epidermal this hard, Drosophila has not yet drilled peel eggs, larvae opportunities exist will be less." Fang Tsung said. (Reporter JIANG Jian Zhang Wen Wang Weijian Branch)
(Original title: "Cherry vermin" are exaggerated (confirmation explore the truth behind the hubbub)?)
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hogan scarpe outlet in the "green hat" Supremacy5 г., 3 мес. назад Репутация: 0  
BEIJING,hogan scarpe outlet, April 11, according to Hong Kong,piumini woolrich, "Wen Wei Po",spaccio woolrich bologna, Hong Kong and the recent incidents involving the killing pro Yishe peachy murder, following last month Harbourside happen "king of fruits" Peng Chi-hui was cohabiting girlfriend mad knife cut one hundred after death After jumping again afraid of punishment, Heng Fa Chuen Chai Wan Tao Heung Super 88 occurred the evening of 10 murder case. A waitress and her husband should divorce, the husband came to the door requirements are complex,hogan nuova collezione, allegedly because the assertion rejected, was publicly random knife slaying, results in more body wounds died; involved ruthless husband did not escape, was arrested by police on the spot and in its possession an 8-inch-long blade ceramic knife, the case as murder,woolrich outlet, is being used by the Eastern Crime Squad investigation.
Site for the second floor of Paradise Mall Tao Heung Super 88, left neighbors of the same group of Cheers Restaurant. After the incident,spaccio woolrich, the police need to be closed two large restaurants to investigate and collect evidence, a time when the city late,woolrich outlet, restaurants lost a lot of money. Tao Heung Group 10 evening to respond to media inquiries confirmed that the woman is the restaurant co-worker, as the identity of the suspect is still being understood.
Deceased Lee × China (49 years old),zanotti pas cher, for Paradise Mall Tao Heung Super 88 pantry part "three sister", working in the restaurant for five to six years; 58-year-old suspect surnamed Chen for her husband. 2 people in 1995 to get married, fathered a son,zanotti paris, now 16 years old, who lives in the ring on the east side of the street.
Sources said Chen Long-term unemployment,christian louboutin soldes, in 2011 began to suspect that his wife was cheating on her, in the "green hat" Supremacy, often quarrel with his wife,hogan milano, the woman intolerable,woolrich parka, and finally in its earlier decision to divorce and moved with her husband separated.
Cuckold suspect domestic violence occurred last month
The police checked the data and found that in March this year, the family had domestic violence incidents.
Incident in the evening of 10 near 7:00,chaussures giuseppe zanotti, a time when the city later time,escarpins louboutin, restaurants patronized, the pantry ministry "three sister" kitchen pantry return after the floor,nike Air max pas cher, but in the bathroom off the channel and the husband met, was to intercept path, requiring reconciled,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, allegedly because the woman refused to assert,scarpe hogan, that the suspect pulled out a one foot long, 8 inches blade ceramic knife stab mad, screams alerted police colleagues and patrons.
Police arrived at the scene found the injured woman lying on a pool of blood,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, and arrested the suspect, but of multiple chop waitress was dying, was admitted to Eastern Hospital after more than 20 minutes,woolrich sito ufficiale, was finally killed.
Peach murder case a month two
This is less than a month happen again Yishe peach murder case. March 17, the "king of fruits," the title of group managing director Pang Ho Chi Fai Fai (49), in the West Kowloon Harbourside luxury penthouse units, the suspect before being given medicines,peuterey outlet italia, followed by 47 years in the case of sleeping surnamed Huang engaged in physical therapy cohabiting girlfriend mad knife cut one hundred killed his girlfriend then jumped to his death at the clubhouse pool Weizui.
(Original title: Hong Kong has exposed the murder peach knifed man seeking composite refused indiscriminate killing old wife (Figure))
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