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after the completion of a challenge5 г., 4 мес. назад Репутация: 0  
Across the Yangtze River, Yellow River
Alone walk the Great Wall,scarpe hogan donna 2014, turned snow-capped mountains, over the grass, deep man's land
Zhengzhou University Students
Withdrawal hiked China
Initially just want to challenge themselves
Who knows floodgates
Song Xiaosheng born in Zhumadian a rural family, he dropped out when he was in high school three times, in 2007 admitted to a university located in Zhengzhou Lake, but after a year studying in the eyes of the students did not understand, again dropped out,hogan olympia donna, he hiked to implement over China's plan. In the past three years, he used to measure the foot of the Great Wall,hogan prezzi, half and half away from the Red Army in Tibet. Yesterday, he also said he is now planning the next five years plan: use three years trekking around the globe, and then two years traveling travels more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.
Three had dropped out of high school
Song Xiaosheng born in Zhumadian a peasant family, four brothers and sisters, the eldest of his.
When he was in high school because of family conditions,ready to go and see the tomb of Cao Cao., without telling his family, a brother and a sister in order to allow him to continue their studies,Xiao Ming also questioned why the bully small bright. After the finish, drop out of school to go to the south to work.
After Song Xiaosheng know, it is guilty,after receiving the alarm, he to his sister and brother to come back,moncler bambina, let them continue studying, he dropped out of college to go south to find a brother and sister.
Brother and sister refused to come back, and he remained in the south to work.
"When working in the south, life is very hard, all day, did not eat the last meal under the Dayton, also looked down upon." said that from then on,Netizen "leaves warm 1983, he secretly vowed in my mind: "Growing up must find ways to change Family status quo. "
With this in mind,after an inventory, he again returned to school, so repeated three times to drop out after high school is completed.
"Strictly speaking, I only went for two years in high school, the other time in a year to earn money outside."
Olympics day, he went across the Yangtze River
Talking about China's intention to go on foot, Song Xiaotian said: "At first I just want to challenge yourself, test yourself perseverance, and who knows slowly floodgates, after the completion of a challenge, want to continue to complete another ten thousand a challenge. Also, I would like to have experienced major rivers, storms people will put their career later in life or a great help. For example, I can start a culture of the company, and then put my pictures taken along the way to collect the data were finishing,tiffany e co firenze, presented to the front of the world, I feel this is my contribution to society one. "
In 2007, he was admitted to a university located in Zhengzhou City, Lake of.
"Maybe I do not fit this kind of education system right, when in 2008 the summer, my heart will not settle up." said, "originally wanted the Olympics opening day challenge yourself, to cross the Yangtze River in Wuhan."
With this idea after, he began to exercise their own, went to the pool every day to practice breath and endurance.
August 8, 2008, the day of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, he came to Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge near the marshland, with a half-hour swim in the Yangtze River in a back and forth.
swim after the Yangtze River, felt enough, immediately decided to immediately back to Henan, to cross the Yellow River.
He was a high school classmate who was studying Henan University, knows he's the idea, taking into account security issues, to persuade him to give up the idea of ​​crossing the Yellow River.
But he persisted in his refusal, the students who worried about him, and got a classmate, in 2008 of 9 August came the Yellow River north of the city of Kaifeng.
"The Yellow River swim back and forth, probably spent a half an hour." Song Xiaosheng said.
After crossing the finish of the Yellow River, he would have a plan to walk the Great Wall.
Sophomore dropout Walking the Great Wall
After sophomore school, walking the Great Wall of ideas in the minds of more and more intense.
October 2008, he was determined to quit school and went straight to Shanhaiguan, began his walk the Great Wall plans.
He was carrying a large backpack, containing a few change of clothes,no income, a plastic sheet, a camera on the road.
During the day walking, I go to the home key points along the way residents eat and drink, it grew dark, either mountain or desert, desert, grassland, he is the piece of plastic sheeting spread to the ground, fully clothed clothes.
When the spring of 2009, he went to Shaanxi Shenmu, the family called him, and said his mother was sick,cappotti woolrich, to surgery, let him go home.
"At that time in Walking the Great Wall in the process, because when you walk on the broken walls, not paying attention, fell down, arms fall off by mortar." said,piumini woolrich outlet, but including that he dropped out and walking the Great Wall of news, have dared to say to his family, they hurried back home.
"To tell the truth, and now the family does not know the things I dropped out, I did not dare to let the family know."
Half the time spent at home, he hit the road. This time he direct the car to Jiayuguan,for which the police are furt, Jiayuguan go east along the Great Wall.
Probably spent half a year to complete the plan to walk the Great Wall.
Long after the finish of the Great Wall walk
Great Wall plans to complete, he began against the Red Army's route all the way south.
Shaanxi Shenmu, he by JIAXIAN, Mizhi Suide, Yan'an ...... Snow grass, Dadu, Luding Bridge, almost half gone, he feels the rest of the march route to challenge what he did. So he went on foot along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway in Lhasa, Tibet, reached the foot of Mount Everest mountain.
After the Brahmaputra River, Nujiang, Lancang,tiffany braccialetto, Jinsha River, he went to Medog, Shangri-La,chaussure air max pas cher, Lijiang, Dali, Xishuangbanna, Honghe, Fangchenggang, the victim, Zhenjiang and other places.
In Hainan, he also foot ring Hainan Island coastline, with 32 days time to go in a circle.
3 years, he walked all the way down.
On the way to walk twice suffered wolf
walk for China in the process, a few dangerous encounters, let him think a little bit scared now.
After walking the Great Wall went Minqin,woolrich giacconi, he would like Gulang direction, but go the wrong direction, he walked into the Tengger Desert.
He has been gone four days to come out,outlet moncler, looking at the vast desert, the battery died, and want to help have no way he was also somewhat desperate.
But he insisted to go down,the old family house on who should all.", out of the Tengger Desert, who all finished with mineral water, dry food also eat the cleaners.
Walking the road in China, he also met twice wolf.
First encounter with the wolf is near shahukou in Shanxi Province.
At noon that day, he was sleeping on a hillside trip, hazy, suddenly found himself staring at three wolves.
"I called the Cold War, suddenly jumped up, picked up a stick against the wolf waving." Song Xiaosheng said, "This time is afraid to retreat, and did not dare to go after. I can only cry out loud, but fortunately they ran three wolves , but I can not be there, and picked up the luggage trot to leave the dangerous place. "
Later in the Gannan region, Song Xiaosheng again encountered the wolf, for self-defense, he had brought a knife, saved the day again.
His dream is to finish in the world in five years
Song Xiaosheng said walk for three years in China, where he is I go to sleep, go where you want to go home residents along something to eat and drink, spend not a lot.
The main cost items are lost him three cameras, on the way to Medog,rivenditori woolrich milano, fear of danger, spent over 10,000 yuan to buy a Tibetan mastiff.
A total of more than 40,000 yuan spent doing.
"The money part is home to partly borrowed from classmates friend." Song Xiaosheng said, "Next, I'm going to use five years traveled the world before walking around the earth for three years before you walk, and two years later plans to use transport, traveled more than 200 countries and regions in the world. "
Song Xiaosheng said, but now the camera is also lost, visa and other expenses have not been available.
"But anyway, I'll find a way to execute my plan to go." Song Xiaosheng face said firmly. Evening News chief correspondent Zhang Xilei
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chaussure nike Zhongshan Hospital when examined5 г., 3 мес. назад Репутация: 0  
News Track,chaussure nike
Southern News reporter Lu Jing saw a man and a woman in the street fight,woolrich parka outlet, Lumou woman came forward to help support, only to chase the man called associates. Lumou escape during a gun shot, one death caused by the other party. Zhongshan City Intermediate People's Court on the case before the verdicts that have defensive nature Lumou shot,doudoune moncler, but are indirect intentional and defensive,zanotti femme, the Court of intentional murder,giubbotti moncler, illegal possession of firearms and sentenced to 10 years in prison six Lumou months.
Zhongshan Hospital when examined, May 10, 2012 at 10 am,chaussures zanotti homme, Lumou with friends via the port town of Zhongshan City, Century Avenue and Xinggang Road intersection and saw 刘某林 quarrel with his girlfriend. Lumou front asked Liu Moulin is not bullying a girl. After leaving Lumou, Liu Moulin called in Luo et al.,hogan outlet, To bring steel and other tools have been walking to catch up with the Port Boulevard Avenue intersection century Lumou two men were beaten.
Fight,nobis parka donna, Lumou took out his pocket and a pistol shot into the air to escape,hogan sito ufficiale, Liu Moulin, Luo continues to go after. Lumou in the escape process again next shot shot,giubbotti woolrich, shot in the head fell to the ground causing Luo. Luo was sent to the hospital died. May 13, 2012, police in Shenzhen will Lumou two arrested.
Prosecutors accuse Lumou guilty of intentional homicide,woolrich outlet, illegal possession of firearms, robbery; Lumou guard commit the crime of harboring. The case this year,peuterey outlet sito ufficiale, May 7 hearing in Zhongshan Hospital.
Lumou shot was self-defense or premeditated murder Both sides had heated discussions prosecution and the defense. Lumou said that he was run off the side to the back side and fired a shot,giubbotti woolrich outlet, "I have run out even slippers,air max femme pas cher, got the time to aim I'm afraid cut." And Liu Moulin claimed, is facing towards Luomou Lumou shooting. But in addition to the parties,hogan interactive outlet, that no one else witnessed the shooting process.
Zhongshan Court held that, on Lumou subjective intent is not directly kill the Luo from the case through, can be identified,woolrich outlet roma, their behavior has a defensive nature. But Lumou lethal use of firearms should be aware of its great,chaussure zanotti, most likely caused by the consequences of the victim's injuries. Lumou faire occurred harmful consequences,woolrich outlet italia, are indirect intentional and defensive,chaussures zanotti, shall be convicted and punished intentional homicide.
Readers see Zhongshan A&#8545,hogan outlet; stack Reading
(Original title: chase was killed a person sentenced to over-defense)
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